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BIOSFERED S.R.L. is an Academic Spin-Off born from the union of academic skills of teachers and researchers of the Plant Physiology Unit, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology and the business knowledge of Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno SpA. Biosfered produces only plant extracts identified and titrated with the latest techniques of mass spectrometry, the result of the academic experience in biochemistry and analytical chemistry of secondary metabolites. The academic experience of the R&D Team of Biosfered and the constant collaboration with the Plant Physiology Unit allows using the most advanced techniques for quality control of raw materials, intermediate processing and final products. Biosfered is incubated in the business incubator 2I3T. Biosfered is a member of the National Technological Cluster "Green Chemistry" SPRING. Biosfered is accredited by the FDA. Biosfered products are distributed worldwide by Faravelli Group, Milan.

Massimo E. Maffei
Andrea Capuzzo
Andrea Occhipinti
Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno SpA.

Office: Via G. Quarello 15/A I-10135 TORINO - ITALY



TWOCARE s.r.l.



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From 2015 the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology has entered in agreement with TWOCARE to promote research projects. The scientific advisor of the agreement is Professor Luca Munaron.
The company mission is to expand the range of products in the biomaterial field and improve the premium services provided. This may only be achieved by starting international collaborations and partnerships that may implement the expertise, allowing a higher velocity in the realization of new developed products with higher quality.

Scientific Committee:
Fiorella Altruda
Salvatore Coluccia
Maria Giulia Faga
Gianmario Martra
Federico Mussano
Emanuela Tolosano

Registered Office: Via Gioacchino Quarello 11/A TORINO (TO) - ITALY



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