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Fostering life sciences through microorganisms as the basis for a circular bioeconomy - CUP:D11G19000350007

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Compagnia di San Paolo
€ 50000
01/03/2019 - 30/07/2021
Giovanna Cristina Varese

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Micro4Life will foster life sciences, through microorganisms as the basis for a circular bioeconomy.
Microorganisms are an infinite vast source for innovation, able to provide solutions to some of today's global challenges. State-of-the-art research needs access to high quality biological resources, associated data and metadata dynamic connections to expertise on these resources. Microbial Biological Resource Centres (mBRCs) secure and distribute microbial resources for research in life sciences, support the search for interesting and novel properties from these organisms, serve at the intersection of health, sustainable agriculture, agronomy, food security, environment and biotechnology, and, ultimately, contribute to further economic growth of both societal and ecological value.
Micro4Life will ensure long term sustainability of products, services and added value by strengthening bioindustry involvement, collaborating with other continents, exploring synergies with other ESFRI projects and addressing societal need.
Micro4Life will harness the power of microorganisms to drive the bioeconomy.
As yet we still do not fully know or understand them and we are yet to release their full potential.The study of their interactions requires facilitated access to mBRCs.
Through Micro4Life, culturomics will be performed on consortia of microorganisms and new secondary metabolites and enzymes will be found to enhance productivity in bioindustry.
Micro4Life will improve the mechanisms transferring microorganisms across borders.
It will provide a key step towards enhancing innovation in microbial biotechnology.
Strategies and policies for coordinated interactions among mBRCs, SMEs and Start-Ups will be made easier across Europe and beyond taking into account the Nagoya Protocol and the Budapest Treaty.


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