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The evolution of dietary diversity and the transition to agriculture in Europe

Progetti internazionali
Programma di ricerca
Science Foundation Ireland and Irish Research Council
Ente finanziatore
SFI/IRC Pathway
€ 550000
01/10/2022 - 30/09/2025
Prof.ssa Beatrice Demarchi

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Descrizione del progetto

The Evolution of Dietary Diversity and the Transition to Agriculture in Europe is a four year project funded by Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Research Council.
It aims to use microbotanical remains, palaeoproteomics, organic residues analysis, modelling and other approaches to understand how climate fluctuations, soil degradation and changing settlement practices impacted foodways in Neolithic Europe. The project seeks to use insights on diet to understand the relentless spread of agriculture globally and the sustainability of Neolithic life within anthropogenically transformed landscapes.
We will use palaeoproteomics and organic residue analysis to reconstruct ancient diet with human dental calculus from a variety of archaeological sites.


Bando di ricerca: SFI/IRC Pathway 2021
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