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LIFE-BIOREST - Bioremediation and revegetation to restore the public use of contaminated land

Progetti internazionali
Programma di ricerca
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€ 1710267
01/07/2016 - 30/12/2019
Giovanna Cristina Varese

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Descrizione del progetto

The project LIFE-BIOREST is conceived to demonstrate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bioremediation approach for polluted soil that is based on the employment of microorganisms, agricultural by-products and plants, aiming at a re-vegetation and restoration of decontaminated soil and its return to a public use.
The project has a clear demonstrative character aiming at the diffusion of bioremediation methods with the specific added value in terms of contribution to sustainable development of the European bioremediation sector, leading to qualitatively and quantitatively measurable concrete results, as described in Form C. A limited of number of small research activities will be carried out in the action B1 (selection and screening of bacteria, fungi, plants and by-products to be applied for the in situ bioremediation) according to well-established protocols that are necessary to tailor the correct intervention for the specific conditions of the site to be remediated. Accordingly, EU funding programmes specifically aimed at research such as Horizon2020 do not fit for our proposal LIFE+ represents the most consistent EU funding programme in relation to the project ambition which are focused on leading to an upgrade of European bioremediation sector and give soil management tools to public authorities, policy makers and EU Commission. 
BIOREST solution can be in fact implemented in all European urban areas and can represent a useful input to address and solve in accost-effective way the issue of soil degradation by chemical pollutants. 
In this context, national or local financing cannot be considered, because their regional or national extension will imply unacceptable limits to achieve a wide dissemination of results and an uptake of their policy implications at EU level, which is a point strongly addressed in our proposal. A European diffusion of results is required, thus leading to the choice of a EU's financial instrument for demonstration activities in the environmental sector.

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